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Original phrase: ‘Find authenticity in every detail with our handmade fashion products‘ Translated to Spanish: ‘Encuentra autenticidad en cada detalle con nuestros productos de moda hechos a mano
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Handcrafted Charm

Empresa B
At Taller Maya, we are proud to be a B corporation that merges contemporary design with the cultural richness of the Yucatan Peninsula. Since 2002, we have worked with 42 artisan workshops in 32 communities, promoting justice and empowerment through fair trade. Each piece we create is a testament to the dialogue between the wisdom of Mayan culture and contemporary creativity, generating a tangible impact in our communities and the world. Join us on our journey towards a more just and sustainable future!
Maya Workshop stands out as a company committed to ethics and sustainability, backed by WFTO certification. This distinction validates our dedication to promoting fair trade and community development. Through our collaboration with various artisan workshops, we blend Maya cultural tradition with a contemporary approach, generating a positive impact in our communities and beyond. WFTO certification is a tangible recognition of our commitment to responsible and equitable business practices, solidifying our role as leaders in the movement towards a fairer and more sustainable world.

We do fair trade

Taller Maya is part of the World Fair Trade Organization. We engage in fair trade with more than 200 artisans from 40 communities in the Yucatan Peninsula. New generations are getting involved, more artisan groups are emerging, and our story will continue...

our story

Dwell Magazine
“Casa Melina, an architectural gem in Baja California, has been restored and preserved by Yektajo Architects. This transformation not only turns a historic structure into a modern and sustainable retreat, but also highlights the collaboration with Taller Maya.”
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“Hokol Vuh is an event that celebrates the rich Yucatecan pantry and the Mayan communities. Taller Maya plays an essential role in this celebration, promoting the preservation of the culinary and cultural traditions of the region. Their participation helps to highlight the importance of ancestral techniques and support local communities, ensuring that the Mayan heritage remains alive and vibrant.”
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Food and Wine
“Hokol Vuh celebrates the gastronomy of Yucatán, bringing together renowned chefs and highlighting the culinary richness of the region. Taller Maya is essential in this event, promoting ancestral gastronomic traditions and supporting local communities. Their participation ensures that the Maya cultural heritage remains alive and relevant, enriching the culinary and cultural experience of attendees”
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Discover Taller Maya, a collective brand rooted in the rich Maya culture of the Yucatan Peninsula. Since 2002, we have been dedicated to revitalizing ancestral techniques and creating sustainable income opportunities
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